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  • The scope of this project was to optimize and move an application to the cloud. The source code for the analysis pipeline was created for the use of university super-computer equipment. Another freelancer developed the frontend for the B2C offering. Any performance, UI/UX and scaling issues were not part of my tasks. I developed several different architecture patterns. Together with the customer we decided on the most suitable solution. Cost, scalability, and maintainability were the main factors to consider in this situation.
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  • At Footstock I moved from manual deployments to automated deployments on AWS. Footstock hosted all its source code on GitHub. We leveraged Github Actions as the continuous integration and delivery platform. At first, I created separate VPCs for production, testing, and development. Regulatory requirements made this separation necessary. I built infrastructure as code playbooks. They provided an easy way to create and tear down different setups fast. Technologies used were Fargate, RDS, KMS, IAM, and ALB.
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