Make your cybersecurity journey

You too can run an effective cybersecurity program

Did you just take over a cybersecurity function and are overwhelmed?Are you unsure about the many ways to deal with modern threats to your information systems?Are you stuck in your efforts and can't see an improvement?

With my 12 years of experience ranging from startups to big companies I can help you make sense of your cybersecurity journey.Meaningful improvements in cybersecurity come through operating on all layers of a company. It is about giving ownership to teams and individuals to make the best decisions possible for the company. Our job is to enable all of them to deliver their best work. I can help YOU to enable them, so you can focus on what matters most.Your owners, board of directors and even your employees and team members will be happier about new security functionality if they understand why it is introduced and how this helps them.Security can't be a blocker for innovation anymore. It has to enable it, and as a security decision maker you win, if your company wins.Get in touch with me, to discuss options for cooperations and starting your cybersecurity journey today.


Cybersecurity Consultant and Fractional CISO.With 12 years of experience of working in tech from small to large companies, startups to government agencies, I have seen many different approaches to cybersecurity. I know how it can fail and seen every mistake in the book. Helping you get your cybersecurity program out of its dead-end is my passion, so you can focus on what matters most.


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